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Gordon's Resume
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Engineering Consulting
Radio Network Processor
Self Language

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  • Automotive Applications, Matlab, System-C
  • Combined Expertise in Compiler Design and Hardware Implementation
  • Application Experience in Signal Processing and Computer Graphics
  • Excellent Background in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics

Work Experience (~25 years)

Ingenieurbüro Dr. Cichon, Munich, 2008 to 2018

Concept engineering, specification, and behavioral modeling of hardware accelerator components in automotive applications. System-C and Matlab models for automotive and wireless applications. Optimization for embedded systems. Reference clients: Infineon and Intel.

NVIDIA Corp., Santa Clara, CA, USA: October 2005 to December 2007

Senior architect in GPU Computing Architecture group (NVIDIA Tesla product). Performance studies, architectural improvements, tools development. Developed an area-efficient micro-controller for high volume manufacturing.

Vodafone Chair of Mobile Communications, TU-Dresden: October 2001 to May 2005

Developed Synchronous Transfer Architecture (STA), Implemented a proof-of-concept framework based on a machine description. A retargetable compiler can translate Matlab source programs and ARM binary programs. An automated core generator generates simulation and synthesis models for FPGA and ASIC implementations. Project leader of group of 6. 7 patents

Infineon Technology Corporation, San Jose, CA, USA: June 2000 to June 2001

Worked in system architecture for IWORX, a network processor for UMTS base-stations. Performed market and competition analysis of network processors. Member of the Virtual Socket Interface Alliance (VSIA)

SP3D Chip Design (Owned by Philips Semiconductors, now NXP): March 1997 to October 1999

Algorithmic research and numerical investigations and implemented behavioral models of two 3D-graphics accelerator ASIC chips. Cooperation with Misubishi, Japan. Ported GNU-CC to VLIW processor. 2 patents

BMW: May 1996 to November 1996

Work in process re-engineering in the early design stage. Developed a new mathematical model to describe free form surfaces using differential geometry and programmed a prototype for a virtual-reality environment

Georg Heeg: Mar-Apr 1994 and Mar-Apr 1995

Review and rating of OOA/OOD methodologies and programming environments, product presentations at CeBIT 1994 and 1995. Software development in Smalltalk: e.g. class library for interactive 3D graphics based on OpenGL

Siemens: March-April 1993

Visualization system for a simulation of acoustic waves in flowing mediums

Independent Consultant : 1992 to 2005

  • Port of the “Self” compiler (Univ. Stanford & Sun) to Intel processors
  • Database architect for Raspberry Media Inc.
  • Developed a web based e-commerce system for Fanhaus
  • Developed an interactive method of processing cases for a medium-sized law firm

Educational History

Ludwig Maximilans Universität München: 2010 to 2018

  • lecturer and post-doctoral researcher
  • lecture "Advanced Computer Architecture"
  • lab project "Automotive"

Dresden University of Technology: 2001 to 2005

  • Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering
  • Ph. D. student at Vodafone Chair of Mobile Communication Systems, Prof. Fettweis
  • 14 scientific publications, 5 of which as first author

Munich University of Technology: 1999 to 2001

  • Ph. D. student at Institute for Integrated Circuits, Prof. Ruge
  • Passed diploma tests for electrical engineers with best achievable result
  • 3 scientific publications, 2 of which as first author

Munich University of Technology: 1992 to 1996

  • M. S. in Computer Science
  • Minor: Electrical Engineering


  • German - native
  • English - fluent
  • French - competent
  • Italian, Russian, Japanese – basic


  • O-1 Visa for individuals with extra-ordinary abilities in 2005
  • 1st Prize at the German Entrepreneur Multimedia Competition in 2004
  • Outstanding Performance Certificate, International House, UC Berkeley, in 2001
  • 2nd Prize at the Federal German Math Competition, in 1990

Letters of Recommendation and References

available on request

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